How to create and upload a 3D model to Facebook

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By Raz Kaplan

Facebook recently announced it’s support in 3D graphic files on users’ newsfeeds. This allows for a more immersive type of media that lets viewers interact with a new kind of post, checking it from all angles and making it pop and more visible than the media types we are used to seeing on our newsfeed.

How to create and upload a 3D model to Facebook?

This short tutorial will give you the quick and dirty tips on how to create and upload this type of file so it actually works:

1. Create a 3D model You can use the most basic tool – paint 3D which comes with windows 10. If you have graphic skills you can generate a better, more professional and complex model using 3D tools. If you already have a 3D model of your product.

2. Save as GLB file

3. Check your file is compatible here

4. Drag the file to your post

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