How to go live on Facebook in multiple pages?

Getting viewers to your Facebook Live videos is not an easy task as it was a year ago. Facebook stopped pushing the live videos up high in users’ newsfeeds and notifications on new live videos are happening only if they asked to get those.

But recently, Facebook launched the new Cross Posting feature to work with Facebook Live videos, which is good news to all live broadcasters.

Cross Posting on Facebook Live works a bit different from regular video posts. For non-live videos, all cross posted videos channel to the same video source, meaning all video views are counted in the original video. For Facebook Live, each cross post acts as a new post with it’s own number of views.

Here’s how to Cross Post on Facebook for Live videos and non-live videos, from Facebook’s help pages:

In order to Live crosspost you’ll need to establish a crossposting relationship with another Page. Once you establish a crossposting relationship with a Page, that Page will also be able to choose how your Page can crosspost their Live videos. Creating a crossposting relationship covers both VOD (video on demand) and Live broadcasts.

Establishing Crossposting Relationships

To add establish a crossposting relationship:

  1. Go to Settings on your Page.
  2. Click Crossposting.
  3. Type the Page’s name or Facebook URL and select it from the list.
  4. Select an automatic Live crossposting relationship or a manual Live crossposting relationship.
    1. Choose Allow [Page name] to crosspost their live video to your page without further approval to select an automatic Live crossposting relationship.
    2. Choose Require [Page name] crossposted live videos to be approved by on of your admins or editors before being crossposted to your Page to select a manual Live crossposting relationship.
  5. Click Next.

The Page must confirm the relationship by adding your Page to its crossposting settings. To help the Page confirm the relationship, click  and send the confirmation link to an admin of the Page.

When a Page submits a crossposting request to another Page one of three scenarios can occur:

  1. The request is sent to the Page and remains as a Pending Crosspost Request until it’s accepted by the other Page.
  2. The request is automatically approved because you submitted the crosspost request and are also an admin of the crossposted Page.
  3. The request is automatically approved because the crossposting Page has sent your Page a request in the past.

To read further on how to cross post Facebook videos, click here.


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