How to boost your Facebook Live video

Since the launch of Facebook Live, we have been struggling to find creative ways to get viewers to watch the videos, as Facebook itself didn’t allow to promote or boost Facebook Live posts, either scheduled or on-air videos (like they didn’t want our money). In the last few months, if you were lucky enough to have the blue verification badge or a work for a global brand, you had the option, but small business pages couldn’t.

But now it’s about to change, as recent, unofficial news from Facebook Guru Mari Smith have uncovered that Facebook will start rolling out the boost post feature for Live video posts, scheduled or on-air for all business pages.

Photo by: Ori Bejerano

How to boost my Facebook Live videos?

If the option is available to your business page already, you should see the “Boost Post” button below you Live post colored blue and clickable (If not, it will say “Boost Unavailable”).

Photo By: Ori Bejerano

Once you click the Boost Post button you’ll be able to target your relevant audience and set your spent limit based on your audience’s size. The ad created by the boost post goes into effect pretty quickly after review, so it has time to boost your view numbers effectively.

According to Ori Bejerano, digital marketing manager @Tradenet, who recently got this feature: If you choose to boost a scheduled live post, you will be able to create a “Post Engagement” ad, leading to more people engaging with your video. If you chose to boost it will it’s live, you will only be able to get more viewers into your video.



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