How to share your mobile screen on Facebook Live

If you ever wanted to show others how you take such good looking photos on your mobile, edit them on the most advanced photo-editing app and post them to instagram using the best filters and hashtags, read on. In this short tutorial i’m going to show you how to share your mobile screen on Facebook Live.

On April 20th 2020, Facebook launched it latest mobile app (Andoid only for now) called Facebook Gaming. This new app is Facebook’s way to fight live streaming gaming giants such as Twitch (Amazon) with 61% market share and Youtube (Google) on 2nd place with 28%. With this new app, Facebook allows users to stream their screens from desktop and mobile directly into the Facebook platform.

But here is the interesting part: Streaming games in the desktop version of Facebook is available for a while now, but doing so from mobile is brand new and is the main focus of this blog post.

How to share your mobile screen on Facebook Live

Again, this is for Android users only for now. Make sure you install the Facebook Gaming app on your mobile and log in using your facebook account.

Once installed, the app will let you stream all the apps currently on your mobile. Even Tik Tok and other Facebook rivals, as funny as it may sound, so it’s not limiting you to only stream mobile games or even Facebook Games from their gaming platform.

Streaming Tik-Tok into Facebook is a thing now

After you add your favorite apps to stream, you’ll find those in the app shortlist everytime you click the “Go Live” button on the Facebook Gaming app. I couldn’t find out how to remove apps that were added though, so think twice about what you add.

App shortlist screen

Once you clicked one of the apps, it will open on your mobile device with a new F|live icon floating on your screen. Clicking it will open a pop up screen before you go live where you’ll be able to choose if to stream from your personal profile or from one of your Facebook Business pages as well as the video’s privacy settings and the text to accompany your live stream. Going live from the Facebook Gaming app in a group is currently unavailable.

Going live will start your live stream for the whole world to see (just make sure you set it to “public”).

One might think that leaving the app you started the stream with, will end the live stream, but NO. If you close the app and move on with your business to other apps, the live stream keeps on living until you click the F|live (which turns red while you are live) and close the stream. Once closed, like every other Facebook Live video, it will remain on your feed until you delete it.

Here’s a pro tip: make sure to remove any unwanted stuff from your mobile before you show it to the world.

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