How to share screen on Facebook Live

[Updated April 16th 2020]: If you are looking to connect your Facebook Live to Zoom Webinar/ Video, read this tutorial.

If you are looking to share your mobile screen to Facebook Live, read this tutorial.

Since introducing it’s Live platform, Facebook has been rolling updates and features occasionally, most of the times after the users have figured out new ways to bypass missing, long overdue features the platform failed to deliver, even with a huge demand from it’s users (Interview Mode, graphics overlays etc.).

But the latest feature to go public from the giant social media platform is something we have all been waiting for: Screen Sharing. Whether it’s a webinar, a lecture, an online software tutorial and even live streaming a PC game, up until now, one had to master certain 3rd party software like the unfriendly OBS and others, only to share it’s desktop screen.

How to share screen on Facebook Live?

You’ll be surprised with how easy it is, but please note it’s only available in the desktop version.

When you create a new Live post from your business page or personal profile, you’ll see the updated interface Facebook recently launched to it’s Live platform.

Using Google Chrome browser, you’ll be asked to give access to the camera and microphone (let’s pretend they didn’t have it by now already).

Once you give access, you’ll be able to choose the “Share screen” option, clicking the option, your browser will prompt you to install a Facebook Plugin for screen-sharing. You can see the option to disable audio, feel free to try disabling your audio, it didn’t work for me, hope you have better luck.

In the next pop-up window, you’ll be able to choose which screen to share- your entire desktop, a certain Chrome tab or a software window (like PowerPoint for example). Once you go live you won’t be able to change between screen sharing and one of your cameras.

Click Share to see your live-stream’s preview screen, then click Go Live when you are ready, and Voila, you are on-air.


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