BeLive.TV – The ultimate Facebook Live tool

If you are into Facebook Live, or considering your first steps before diving in, there’s no way you can ignore BeLive.TV – The ultimate Facebook Live tool.

A short recap: was launched officially on October 2016, a few months after the Facebook Live platform gone global and became available to all users and business pages. I had the privilege to get an early access to the product, being user number 54 (today over 100K users) and broadcasted stream number 69 (today over 300K streams), when the product and company were in very early-stage and with very limited features.

During my use period, I occasionally blog about this product and some of the productions I used it for, you can read those here: How to grow online sales using Facebook LiveHow to create a Facebook Live Interview [Guide] and How to broadcast on Facebook Live from your computer? [Guide].

The first product enabled users to go live from their PC via Google Chrome and ‘screen comments’ where the broadcaster featured selected comments to the screen. Back in the days that was revolutionary, as the Facebook Live platform was mobile only and going live from a PC required some tricks and technical knowledge.

My first reaction was ‘wow, why didn’t Facebook think of that?’ and my second thought was ‘Facebook is going to do the same and will end like Meerkat!’. But a year later, not only Facebook didn’t copy features, BeLive kept growing massively in the livestreaming communities and kept adding long awaited features Facebook failed to deliver (or delivered long after they were available on BeLive and other 3rd party tools). Along the way, well-known figures like live-video pioneer Joel Comm and Facebook marketing guru Mary Smith joined as brand ambassadors and was the go-to tool for live streamers.

Why is BeLive.TV – The ultimate Facebook Live tool?

The first answer is that it’s so easy and intuitive to use, it’s a crime not to try the 14 day trial period.

The second, more important answer is, that it still has a major edge with innovative features Facebook and other platforms has yet to implement, those features will boost your stream’s engagement rate and exposure.

BeLive.TV’s broadcasting modes:

Solo- Perfect for Q&A and tutorials that are a single-person show, talking and engaging with viewers in real-time.

Interview– Ideal mode for a one-on-one interview. This mode lets you connect with a remote person, using mobile or PC from anywhere on the globe that has an internet connection.

Talk-Show– This latest addition puts you in the talk-show host seat, lets you share a link for your viewers/ followers to join the stream’s lobby, and you can then select who will share the screen with you, with up to 3 guests on-screen and 10 waiting in the lobby simultaneously.

Here’s how the Social Media Examiner team is using


Each mode is supported with a pack of features, based on your subscription package, here is the features’ breakdown:

  • Screen Comments– Lets you bring your Facebook audience’s comments to your Screen while you are live, giving you the ability to interact directly with any viewer.
  • Agenda– Looking to organize your broadcast? Having an agenda allows you to pre-plan different segments of your broadcasts and bring those segments onto your screen.
  • Screen Share– Though Facebook has recently added this feature to their native PC Live platform, it’s still part of the set of features BeLive offers: allow your viewers to view anything on your own screen that you may think is important for your audience.
  • Photo Share- Photo Sharing allows any broadcaster to bring photos from their Facebook page onto their screen.
  • Updates On Screen– Lets you show text over your broadcast that will allow any viewer to follow the changes or updates in your video (great tool for keeping late viewers updated).
  • Changing View Mode- Change your view point and video screen layout as you need during a broadcast to show a picture, Screen Share, or guest as you see needed!
  • Upload your logo
  • Customize layout colors to match your brand (Lower thirds, titles, on-screen frames, etc.)
  • Schedule your Facebook Live in advance


BeLive.TV today, is the ultimate tool for Vloggers and live-streamers who are looking to take their video to the next level. They did wisely and started their own Belivers Facebook where they share tips and tricks to their community members, giving feedback and empowering users. They also have scheduled shows with some of the leading live-streamers and video creators on how to become a better live-streamer, so it’s like a TV channel for live video creators.

The platform lives up to the promise of boosting live video engagement, I can sure say my engagement skyrocketed when people see their own comments on the screen.

As I already mentioned, using is simple and intuitive, but if you are having any trouble, jump into this tutorial playlist on YouTube or just comment on this article and I’ll try to help.

Disclosure: I am in no way compensated or get paid by BeLive.TV, the above is based on my experience alone.


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