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Facebook Live is growing, you can’t deny that. Revenue sharing with creators to take on YouTube and live broadcasts from sport events to take on traditional TV are already happening.

But what if you have great content on your podcast and you want to use the platform without looking awkward/ amateur? What if you have the most creative idea for a Facebook Live talk show but no real technical knowledge to produce one? That’s exactly where steps in.

What is

In their own words: is a content platform for creating and broadcasting live, beautiful TV-like video shows over network or any other video streaming service.

In my words: it’s the missing link between amateur/ mobile Facebook Live and TV. makes you the producer, editor, director and every other “or” title in the TV business so you can create high-end, professional looking TV show, live on Facebook, YouTube and many other live streaming platforms.

>>Learn how to bring more viewers to your Facebook Live Videos<<

Let’s put it on the table, is not for the Facebook Live enthusiast who wants to broadcast his vlog, it’s a pro tool for content creators/producers that will help them produce a show much more easily than the known tools currently available like OBS, Wirecast, Livestream and others and it’s currently in closed beta, so it’s free! Make sure to register now and get your spot, places in the Beta are scarce.


How to create your own TV-like Facebook Live?

Since the platform is in close Beta, only a handful of users will make it through the registration to access the platform. To register, please click here. The lucky ones will be contacted by Yaron,’s CEO that will help them onboard the platform.

To read the full tutorial on how to use and what features the platform offers- read the full article on my Facebook Live News blog.



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